Overview – Career Management 101: Meet your Aspirations
(Overview – Career Management 101: Meet your Aspirations)

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Managing your career affects you daily whether or not you know it; things such as taking a course, bring promoted, acquiring new skills, or looking for a new job are all factors that influence your career path. If you have not already participated in the labour market, at one point or another you will want to, or at another, you probably will. This 3 module career management unit of instruction will help you to leverage your participation to the labour market.

Module 1: Self-marketing 101 – how to prepare for career development/job searching.

Module 2: Creating the output – high impact resumes, insightful cover letters, and closing the deal through the behavioural interview.

Module 3: Making connections and Building a network - Developing your professional profile and image

At the end of the three modules, you will have acquired the knowledge and experience to meet the following learning goals:

1) Acquire the skills and knowledge required to self-market yourself to the employment community to leverage their education and professional experience to their career goals and aspirations.

2) Create high impact resumes, cover letters, and to prepare for behavioural job interviews.

3) Leverage the value of networking in participation in the labour market and approach networking events following standard business etiquette.

Each module will include an overview, core information, examples, tools and checklists, additional resources, and a practice area to assess your knowledge. Each module includes practice excercises to test your knowledge about key concepts, but also to provide you with individualized coaching and feedback by submitting your response to a real life situation and scenario to the instructor. To make the most of these modules, you are highly encouraged to seek out a position or career that you are interested in to use for the Practice exercises; you can select one position and work through the same position for all three modules, or you can use a different position for each module.

Instructor Biography:

Maxine Dubuc is a career management professional with over three years of professional experience in post-secondary career services offices. Having worked with thousands of business, law, and general students and hundreds of employers in two of the most renowned Faculties in Canada, Maxine brings an expertise about what employers are looking for and how students can prepare and gain a competitive edge over the competition. Maxine’s savvy in understanding needs and aspirations and employer return on investment contributed to the placement of over 90% of the 2007 Sauder MBA class in the 2006 Sauder MBA Internship program. Maxine specific areas of expertise are: resumes, cover letters, image, interviews, market research, and e-networking. As a student in the Master of Distance Education program at Athabasca University, she pairs her knowledge of distance education and professional expertise in career management to deliver this highly effective unit of instruction at a distance for all Athabasca University students.

This career management is structured to allow you to build experience and skills for your participation in the labour market, as well as to receive individualized coaching and feedback through the submission of your practice exercises.

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