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    is a tutorial unit to be inserted in one of the fundamental Cardean Learning Group's faculty-training guides – the Course Environment User Guide, or CEUG. This guide includes resources to help all faculty members understand the tools they can use in the online course environment.

    The Breeze technology is a web communication system that will allow CLG instructors to communicate with their students in real time, using video and audio resources. Currently instructors can only count on a regular chat room, in which there is no possibility for live communication to go beyond merely typed text. Therefore, it is imperative for instructors to grasp the new technology, given that it will require a higher degree of technical ability from users.
  • This course "Civil Liberties: Law, Power, and Personal Freedom" is about conflict at the boundary line between governmental power and personal freedom. It tries to show us not only how consitututional law can settle quarrels, but also how the quarrels help us understand the Constitution. In this course, we examine freedoms of religion, speech, press, and assembly, as well as rights of privacy and the protections accorded the criminally accused. We begin with a look at the Constitution and the role of the U.S. Supreme Court in interpreting it.

  • mkiuy An Online Dating tutorial for young professionals in the Vancouver Area cool

    The Proper way for the young professional to O.D (Online Date):

    Over the past 15 years, the rise in internet popularity has contributed to the most recent trend in the culture of dating known as internet dating. In response, the researcher has created a pilot online tutorial focused on educating the inexperienced young professional on the unlimited dating opportunities that lie within the pages of the World Wide Web.


  • The instructional unit titled "Unit 3: Methods of Delivering a Consruction Project" was prepared by Vaughan Smith as a final project for MDDE604; Instructional Design in Distance Education.
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